Buoy Ball Trapeze Swing

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This buoy ball trapeze swing features a real nautical buoy suspended from a wooden trapeze bar with rope. The buoy is 16 inches in diameter and comes in several colors. The wooden dowel is 1-1/2" in diameter and comes pre-stained. 1/2 inch rope ties it all together. The rope also comes with a short length of chain on the end to adjust the buoy ball trapeze swing up or down.

In addition to the buoy ball trapeze swing, we also have the buoy ball add on if you want to add the buoy to existing trapeze bars

Buoy ball benefits

One of the biggest benefits of this swing is it allows kids who have upper body muscular issues to swing on a trapeze swing,. Kids can sit on the buoy ball and swing gently back and forth with reduced upper body strength. Some customers have purchased these buoy ball swings to strengthen/rehab children with MS or other muscular deficiencies



  • Comes with buoy ball, wooden trapeze bar and rope
  • 16" buoy ball
  • Available in Yellow, Blue, Green and Red
  • Comes with chain on ends for height adjustment
  • 1/2" rope
  • 1-1/2" hardwood dowel


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