Playground Chain


List Price: $4.00

Our Price: $1.49




3/16" zinc coated playground chain sold by the foot. Chain has a working load of 480 pounds and a breaking strength of 3900 pounds.

One of the best uses for this chain is for making a custom tire swing hang from a tree. Our tire swings come with enough chain for a 9' tall branch, Anything over that height and you need extra chain. Simply subtract 9' from the overall tree branch height to calculate how many feet of chain you need. To attach the single chain to the tire swing chain, use a single shackle.

You can also use this chain to make swing seats hang from tree branches. One of the best swing seats we have is our Large Flat swing seat. Chain can also be used for making swings for extra tall swing beams.

Please make sure your tree and/or branch is strong enough to support a tire swing or swing seat.



  • Zinc Plated 3/16" chain
  • Rated for 3900 lbs
  • Price is per foot
  • Great for making custom swings or tire swings
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