Climbers Castle Swing Set Plans

Attention all little climbers! If your child loves to climb then these plans are for he or she. Your kids can pull themselves up the gangplank ramp or ascend up the rope ladder. The rock wall features a built in ladder. As your child grows and develops upper body strength you can fill in the spaces on the rock wall with 2x4's. That creates a solid wall with no rungs.

Time required to build (avg): 16 hrs

Be sure to browse our selection of swing set plans to choose the right plan for you and your child. Before you check out. add some swing set accessories to your swing set.




  • 5'x6' fort
  • 5' high platform
  • 5'x6' sandbox in bottom with two corner seats
  • Rock wall with climbing rope
  • Three bay swing beam
  • Stylish arches
  • 24" Rope ladder
  • Heavy Duty Tarp
  • Heavy duty ramp with climbing rope

    Overall View

    Top view


    Lumber Required

    (6)  2x4x8’
    (4)  2x4x10’
    (3)  2x4x12’
    (1)  2x6x8’
    (3)  2x6x10’
    (2)  2x6x12’
    (4)  4x4x8’
    (2)  4x4x10’
    (1)  4x4x12’
    (3)  5/4x6x8’
    (7)  5/4x6x12’
    (7)  1x4x8’
    (1)  4x6x8’
    (1)  4x6x12’
    (1)  2x8x8’
    (2)  2x8x10’





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