Commercial Full Bucket Swing Seat

This heavy duty commercial full bucket swing seat is the perfect replacement bucket swing for playground,schools, daycares, and parks. This bucket seat is heavier and stronger than our standard full bucket swing seat. This commercial bucket seat also has a molded-in steel insert to resist vandalism.

If you are using this in a true commercial playground environment, we highly recommend using our single shackle to connect the chain to the bucket seat.


Full Bucket Seat-Commercial


  • Ideal for ages 2-5 years
  • There is NO CHAIN provided with this bucket swing.
  • 60 lb weight limit.
  • Molded in steel insert to resist vandalism
  • Swing hangers and chain sold separately.
  • Commercial Grade



List Price: $70.00

Our Price: $62.99

No Longer Available







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Full bucket swing

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