Heavy Duty Commercial Playground Trapeze Bar


List Price: $27.00

Our Price: $19.49







Our commercial grade playground trapeze bar is the ultimate way for your kids to swing back and forth. This heavy duty trapeze bar is made from galvanized steel, and is 21" long. The bar is coated with a plastisol coating which helps your kids grip the bar if he/she swings upside down. Painted or powder coated bars are a bit more slippery than the plastisol coated bar.

Trapeze bar is great for schools, parks, churches, daycare's,or even your own backyard.


  • Heavy duty plastisol coated steel bar
  • 20" overall bar length
  • 1-1/8" diameter bar
  • Heavy duty galvanized eyelets on the ends
  • 19" from center of eyelet to center of eyelet
  • Available in Green, Yellow, and Blue
  • Commercial/residential grade


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