Custom Replacement Swing Set Tarp





List Price: $130.00

Our Price: $81.35 & up


Whether you are building your own playset, trying to find a replacement swing set tarp or just want your own tarp that sets your swing set apart from others, we can custom make a custom swing set tarp just for you. Your tarp will be one of a kind made to your specifications. We can make any length and width . Tarps are made from heavy duty vinyl and come with either stainless snaps or grommets for easy removal. We even provide the screw studs for tarps with snaps

These are NOT the same poly tarps you may be used to seeing. These are made from heavy duty vinyl and are mildew resistant and UV resistant. Available in solid colors or stripes (up to 4 different colored stripes). Available colors are Green, Blue, Yellow, Red and Tan.

If you order the stainless snaps with your tarp, they will be equally spaced approximately every 16" along the width.

Curious about the tarp material? We provide FREE samples. All you have to do is email us with your name and address with the subject line "Gimme my tarp sample!" Within one week you will receive a tarp sample.

The maximunm width a solid tarp can be WITHOUT sewn seams is 59". Anything wider than that will require seams. This is also true for stripes on our striped tarps, Any stripe over 59" will require sewn seams.

When installing your tarp, you MUST have the shiny side facing up and you MUST keep the tarp taught to prevent damage.

PLEASE NOTE: All custom replacement tarps are final and cannot be returned or exchanged, so measure carefully. No refunds or exchanges will be given due to the custom nature of your tarp.


  • Made from heavy duty vinyl
  • UV and mildew resistant
  • Solid or striped tarps available
  • Stainless snaps or grommets
  • Snaps or grommets (your choice) will be equally spaced along the shorter length of the tarp (width)
  • Stripes ( if applicable) will run with the length

Instructions for ordering Replacement tarp

  1. Measure/calculate the size of your tarp: Measure/calculate the overall length (inches) and width (inches). Measurements should be to the nearest inch and should NOT include fractions of an inch. You will enter these numbers when you add the tarp to your cart.
  2. Calculate square footage: Take the total area in square inches and convert to square feet. To do this, simply divide by 144. This gives you the total square feet you need. You will enter this number when you add the tarp to your cart.
  3. Options: Decide what type of options you would like such as solid or striped tarp, snaps or grommets, color(s),, etc
  4. Add to your cart


Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.



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