Full Bucket Swing Seat

Looking for a replacement bucket swing for your swing set? Look no further than this full bucket swing seat. This swing seat is made from a medium density polymer and comes complete with galvanized triangular hardware on the ends. This full bucket swing seat is meant for residential use only. Swing seat comes in your choice of green, yellow or blue.

There is no chain or rope provided with this swing. If you are looking for a complete swing, check out our full bucket swing with rubber chains or our full bucket swing with coated chain. Either of these bucket swings are and excellent toddler full bucket swing.






Full Bucket Residential Swing Seat


  • Ideal for ages 2-5 years
  • There is NO CHAIN provided with this bucket swing.
  • 60 lb weight limit.
  • High back provides extra support for smaller children.
  • Swing hangers and chain sold separately.
  • Residential Grade





List Price: $49.00

Our Price: $24.95






Bucket Swing Seat Material

This bucket swing seat is made of a medium density polymer, It's stiffer than a rubber bucket seat, but not as hard as a rigid plastic. Often times rubber full bucket seats are too flexible and do not properly support a young toddler. The polymer has a UV inhibitor to help resist fading and comes in several colors as mentioned above.

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