Heavy Duty Commercial Tire Swivel


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This three-point tire swivel is very heavy duty and is meant for commercial playgrounds. Can also be used for residential backyard use. Swivel has a two-hole mounting system and features a rubber boot to protect the internal assembly. This swivel features a 3 point hookup for tire swings. The center to center distance of the mounting holes is 4-1/2". If using in a true commercial playground setting, we recommend using three single clevises ( shackles) to attach the chains to the swivel. This provides a heavy duty, tamper proof connection.

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  • Heavy Duty for durability.
  • Commercial Grade
  • 360 degree rotation.
  • Three point attachment reduces chains getting tangled.
  • Rubber boot protects internal U-Joint.
  • 4"x6" base
  • Grease fitting allows for easy, periodic lubrication.
  • Two hole mount for attaching to variety of wood beams.
  • Mounting hardware not included.
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Heavy Tire Swivel

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