Half Bucket Swing Seat- NO CHAIN

List Price: $39.00

Our Price: $22.95








This is the same half bucket swing we sell but without the soft grip chain. Great for replacing a worn out half bucket seat or replacing a belt seat. Be sure to add s-hooks or quick links if you need to connect the half bucket seat to your existing chains. This toddler bucket swing is great for upgrading from a full bucket swing.

This half bucket swing seat is made of a medium density polymer, similar to arubber seat, and features heavy duty galvanized, triangular hardware on each end. Comes with the front safety strap to easily seat your toddler.

Looking for a replacement swing seat? Check out our guide on a swing seat replacement.



  • Ideal for ages 2-4
  • Does NOT come with soft grip chain
  • 75 lb weight limit
  • Residential use
  • Back provides extra support for smaller children
  • Swing hangers sold separately
  • Great for replacing a belt swing for your toddler.


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