Lag Screw Swing Hangers (pair)


List Price: $8.00

Our Price: $4.99 (per pair)




Lag screw hangers are great alternative to thru-bolt hangers. The biggest advantage is you don't need access to the top of the swing beam or support. Simply drill a pilot hole on the bottom side of the beam and insert the hangers. You might need to use a screwdriver to complete the last couple of turns.

If you have a two story deck or porch and want to add a toddler, infant or baby swing under your deck, this is the perfect hanger for you.

Visit our swing hanger guide for a comprehensive guide on all of our swing hangers.


  • Lag screw style hanger
  • Galvanized
  • Used to attach to various swing beams
  • Great for attaching toddler or infant swing under your deck
  • weight limit: 125 lbs
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