Lookout Mountain Plans

The Lookout Mountain swing set has some cool features for your kids to play on. These plans feature a three bay swing beam with room for three swings and a spacious 5'x6' fort. The fort has a corner table underneath for your kids to play on as well as corner seats to sit on. The side of the fort features a climbing rock wall complete with rock wall pieces and a heavy duty rope.

We also have this plan in a swing set kit if you are interested. The kit saves you money over purchasing all the hardware and swings separate.

Time required to build (avg): 20 hrs

Lumber, swing set hardware and swing set accessories sold separately. Be sure to check out all of our swing set plans.




  • 5'x6' fort
  • 5' high platform
  • (optional) 5'x6' sandbox in bottom with two corner seats
  • Rock wall with climbing rope
  • Three bay swing beam
  • Stylish arches
  • 24" Rope ladder
  • Woodwn roof with chimney
  • Climbing ladder with powder coated green rungs
  • Corner table under the fort
  • Woodwn sunburst at the ridge.

    Overall View



    Lumber Required

    (1)  2x4x8’
    (1)  2x4x10’
    (5)  2x4x12’
    (6)  2x6x8’
    (2)  2x6x10’
    (8)  2x6x12’
    (1)  4x4x8’
    (6)  4x4x10’
    (1)  4x4x12’
    (14)  5/4x6x12’
    (6)  1x4x8’
    (1)  4x6x8’
    (1)  4x6x12’
    (6) 2x2x42&





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