Lookout II Plans

This playset provides a lot of fun for any child. The Fireman's pole and climbing rope are ideal for older children while the sandbox and deck provide a place for younger children. Children can play in the sandbox and on the deck without getting dirty from grass stains or mud. The deck is also an ideal place for parents to sit with a chair and watch their children or get some sun!! The swing beam can hold up to three swing set swings.

Time required to build (avg): 23 hrs

Lumber, swing set hardware and swing set accessories sold separately


Overall view


Overall Dimensions


Close up



  • 12' Swingset; room for 4 swings
  • Spacious 6' x 5' fort
  • 6' x 5' sandbox with barrier
  • Large 6' x 4' deck
  • 8' slide
  • Fireman's pole or climbing rope
  • Climbing rope

Be sure to choose the right set of swing set plans that's right for you or more importantly your children.


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