Plastic Tire Swing

This plastic tire swing comes without chain or rope. This tire is great is you are looking for a replacement tire swing or if you want to make your own from rope or chain that you already have. The tire has a 24 inch outside diameter and a 15 inch inside diameter. The tire is made from durable plastic and comes with bolt-thru eyebolts for attaching chain or rope. This is meant for one or two kids. We also have our kids tire swings with chains if you are interested. We also have a full selection of tire swings on the main page. If you are looking for a cool swing this a great alternative. This is meant for horizontal use only.





Plastic Tire Swing- no chain


  • Great for¬†residential applications
  • Comes with eye bolts and quick links for mounting chain or rope.
  • 24" diameter and approximately 7" high.
  • Center of tire is closed to prevent bugs from nesting¬†
  • True 360 degree rotation, not just back and forth as with other " 4-point" tire swings


Tire only! no chains provided
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