Raptor Swing Set Plans

The Raptor is one of the most advanced set DIY swing set plans on the market featuring a 3 bay swing beam with room for three swings,a 4'x6' fort, climbing rock wall, ladder with metal rungs, 24" rope ladder, and room for a tire swing under the fort. The legs of the frame are "kicked out" providing additional features while adding style. Your neighbors will never guess you built this swing set with a set of DIY swing set plans.

These plans are a little more advanced than our other plans. You should have average to moderate carpentry skills to build this plan. If you feel you do not have these skills, you should have someone help you who does for at least the first day to get the base of the swing set built.

Time required to build (avg): 18 hrs

We have a complete Bill of Materials for the Raptor for you to price the lumber and accessories.

We also have this in a swing set kit.. It's cheaper than buying all the components separate and you get to save time over picking up all the parts, not to mention it gets delivered to your door.




  • 4'x6' fort
  • 5' high platform
  • 24" rope ladder
  • Three bay swing beam, 8' high
  • Rock wall with climbing rope
  • Multi-Colored tarp
  • Room for tire swings under fort
  • Room for many types of slides

    Overall View



    Lumber Required

    (1)  2x4x8’
    (2)  2x4x10’
    (1)  2x4x12’
    (3)  2x6x8’
    (6)  2x6x12’
    (10)  4x4x8’
    (6)  4x4x10’’
    (7)  5/4x6x10’
    (5)  1x4x8’
    (1)  4x6x8’
    (1)  4x6x12’





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