5/8" Climbing Rope

5/8" Swingset Rope

List Price: $2.49

Our Price: $.90




5/8" heavy duty nylon rope priced per foot. Has many uses on a swing set or playground including: rock walls, daisy disc swings, ramps, and much more.

Rope is also great for hanging a tire swing from a tree. Visit our tire swing instructions for more information.

Price is per foot. If you need 19 feet, enter a quantity of 19 at checkout

If using this rope for a rock wall or a climbing rope in general, add about one foot for every knot you want.



  • 5/8" Diameter Rope
  • Price is per foot
  • Great for making custom swings, tire swings, or for rock wall ropes
  • Available in Green, Yellow, and Blue
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