Swing Hanger Comparison

Besides the obvious, what are the differences between the two hole and four hole swing hangers> What are the pros and cons of each? We will answer these and many more questions in this guide.

2 Hole Hangers

Two hole hangers, as the name implies have two holes in each hanger. These hangers use a thru-bolt connection to secure the metal hanger to the wooden swing beam, Most often carriage or hex bolts are used. The thru-bolt connection is by far superior to any other connection method.

What are the downfalls? The only real downfall of the 2-hole hangers is they should not be used on laminated wooden beams. The carriage or hex bolts can slip between the pieces of lumber causing injury or harm.

4 Hole Hangers

Four hole swing hangers have 4 holes in each hanger as the name implies. The biggest benefit of these is they can be mounted from the bottom side of the swing beam without access to the top side of the beam They are also ideal for laminated or sandwiched pieces of lumber, Most of the time these hangers use lag screws fir installation.


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