Tire Swing Swivels

A Tire Swing Swivel is an essential part of any tire swing. Without them, your tire swing is practically useless. We carry a wide range of styles ranging from our standard model all the way to our commercial grade models. We have single point version to attach all three chains or ropes as well as a 3 point heavy Duty version where each rope or chain gets attached to it's own connection point. All of these swivels come with a grease fitting for periodic maintenance.


Tire Eyebolts



Tire swing kit

$26.95 & up

Choose The Right Tire Swing swivel

As part of our playground equipment, we also carry tire swings to compliment our tire swivels. Feel free to peruse our website to choose the right tire swing for your child's needs. You need to match the duty and weight rating of the tire swivel with the swing. A swing is only as good as it's weakest link.


To complete the installation of your swivel we have created an installation guide. This intuitive guide will show you the proper installation method.




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