Trapeze Bar for Swing Set


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This trapeze bar is specifically meant for a swing set and features a powder coated bar and colorful plastic trapeze rings. Trapeze bar is 20 inches long and 1-1/4 inches round. This trapeze bar does not come with any chain or rope. You can attach your own chain or rope on the eye hooks by using a pair of channel locks to crimp the hooks shut.

We also carry our plastic swing set trapeze bar which features a trapeze bar and rings in one and our full trapeze bar with rings.



  • 20" powder coated steel bar color to match rings
  • 125┬álb weight limit
  • Residential use only
  • Durable, plastic trapeze rings
  • Comes with eyebolts on the ends so you can attach your own chain or rope
  • Swing hangers sold separately
  • Ideal for swing beams 8-9' high
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