Trapeze Bars

What is a swing set or playground without a trapeze bar? Here at Playset Junction, we have trapeze bars for any need. From the most basic trapeze bar and rings all the way to the commercial trapeze bars, we have it all. We have trapeze bars with or without chains, commercial playground trapeze bars, plastic trapeze bars, and even trapeze rings for trapeze bars.


Trapeze Bar with Rings
$ 24.95 & Up






Trapeze Bar

$ 14.99


Blue or Green: $ 2.69
Yellow: $ 0.99




$32.95 & Up

Standard vs Commercial Trapeze Bars

The biggest difference between a standard residential trapeze bar and a commercial playground trapeze bar is the length of the bar. Standard trapeze bars are usually around 18 inches long whereas commercial playground trapeze bars are anywhere from 21 inches to 23 inches long. Standard swing set trapeze bars usually have a powder coated finish as opposed to commercial trapeze bars which can be coated in plastisol and also feature a galvanized bar and eyelets for durability.

Trapeze rings are also another factor. A residential swing set trapeze bar usually has plastic trapeze rings. Commercial playground trapeze rings may be plastic or solid aluminum metal.


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