Daisy Disc (Disk) Swing


List Price: $25.00

Our Price: $12.49







This disc (disk) swing seat or commonly referred to as a daisy disc swing, is a timeless swing for your swing set or tree branch. Disc swing comes with 8 feet of 3/8" rope. Extra rope can be added for $.99/foot. If hanging from a tree branch, consider the extra rope needed to wrap around the tree branch.

You can also mount to a tree branch using a quick link. Simply tie the end of the rope to the quick link and then wrap the rope around the branch and secure the quick link back to the rope. Just make sure you have secured the rope to the quick link very well.

Since disc swings can rotate 360 degrees, they must be separated from other swings on your swing beam. The simplest way to do this is to move your A-frame in about 3' from the end of the swing beam.

We also sell this disc swing with no rope if you are replacing a current swing.

Available in Green, Yellow, and Blue


  • 11-1/2" diameter plastic disc resists fading
  • Comes with 8' of 3/8" nylon rope
  • Swing hanger and other mounting hardware sold separately
  • Ideal for swing beams up to 8' high
  • Can be mounted to swing beam or tree limb!
  • Extra rope can be added for $.99/foot
  • 125 lb weight limit


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