Heavy Duty Swing Hangers (pair)


List Price: $35.00

Our Price: $22.89 (per pair)

Mounting hardware is $5 more






These heavy duty swing hangers will last for years. These heavy duty swing hangers are sold in pairs and are galvanized for durability. Mounting hardware is optional and is meant for a 4x6 wood beam. All mounting hardware is 3/8" hot dipped galvanized carriage bolts, washers and nuts.

Swing hangers can be used by children or adults, and are meant for residential or commercial use.

Visit our swing hanger guide for a comprehensive guide on all of our swing hangers.


  • Our toughest swing hanger!
  • These swing hangers will outlast your kids!
  • Available with or without mounting hardware (carriage bolts to mount to 4x6 swing beam)
  • Hangers come with spring clips regardless if you choose the mounting hardware.
  • If you need other mounting hardware, please specify and we will be glad to accommodate you at no charge.
  • Base plate measures 2"x5"
  • Distance between holes is 3-3/4"
  • Galvanized hangers
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