Single Climbing Rock (1) WITHOUT Hardware


List Price: $3.99

Our Price: $2.50








These ever popular climbing rock holds are a great way for your kids to be active and healthy. They make a great addition to your swing set or playground. These climbing rock pieces are specifically meant for swing sets and come in Green, Yellow or Blue. As a general rule of thumb, you need one individual rock wall piece for approximately every two square feet of climbing wall space. This is only a general rule of thumb.

There are 4 different patterns and each rock measures approximately 2-1/2" wide x 4" long. You can add as many individual pieces as you want when adding to your cart.

We also sell these climbing rock wall holds with hardware.



  • Single climbing rock to accompany any playset with a rock wall
  • Most rock walls require twelve or more of these. Larger rock walls require 36 or more rocks. Make sure to order the correct quantity when checking out.
  • In general, you need about 1 individual rock wall piece for every two square feet of rock wall space A bog of six covers approximately 10-12 square feet.
  • Available in Green, Yellow and Blue


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