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Belt Swings

These Residential belt swings are great for kids of all ages. Each Belt swing comes complete with your choice of coated chain or soft grip chain and are meant for swing beams up to 8' tall. Seats available in Green, Yellow and Blue. Unlike swings with s-hooks attaching the belt seat to the chains, ours come with quick links. This allows you to easily change out the seat for a flat swing seat seat or even a bucket seat if you have another child . You can save money by purchasing just the seat portion and use the existing chains.

Looking for a replacement belt swing seat? check out our belt swing seat without chains. We also have our commercial belt swing without chains as a heavier duty version. Not sure what kind of spacing you need to hang one of these? No problem, check out our swing spacing guide

Both the soft grip belt swing chain and the standard coated chain are meant for 8' tall swing beams, If you swing set has an extra tall swing beam, you may need our swing with 8'6" coated chains.

Looking for a unique color combination for your belt swing? Try a green seat with yellow chain or a blue seat with yellow chain. They are very popular color combinations.

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