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Bucket Swings

Bucket Swings set are a quintessential part of your toddler or infant growing up on a swing set or playground. They are a timeless classic that stand the test of time, One day you are pushing your toddler back and forth and the next thing you know you are pushing your grandchild back and forth. All of these swings feature galvanized hardware and heavy duty triangular ends to attach rope or chain.

Any one of these below are great for your young toddler. The most common bucket swing is theĀ full bucket toddler swing. You can get the seat in commercial or residential grade and with a coated chain or soft grip rubber chain. We even have full bucket swings seat with extra long chain for tall wooden or metal swing beams.

Full Bucket Swings vs. Half Bucket Swings

Full buckets are meant for toddlers between the ages of 2 and 4. They feature high backs to support young toddlers and are enclosed all the way around. Half buckets are often a transition swing of sorts. They are meant for young children who have outgrown a full bucket swing but are not ready for a belt swing set swing.