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Swing Hangers


For your convenience, we have a great guide on swing hanger spacing. This shows you step by step on how to layout your swing beam and how far apart the hangers need to be.

Swings are only as good as the hardware they are hung from. Choosing a heavy duty commercial grade swing will do no justice if you choose hardware rated for normal residential use.

If you are hanging a baby or toddler swing under a deck, our lag screw versions are a perfect fit. They are also great for extra tall wooden swing beams where running carriage bolts is cost prohibitive or simply not viable.

Mounting hardware is optional with some of our hardware such as the large steel one's or the heavy duty swing hangers, All of our hardware is 3/8" galvanize carriage bolts, washers and nuts. We can also accommodate lag screws and washers if desired.

We carry one of the widest and largest selections found anywhere. All of our materials are top notch and will last for many years to come. If you need more hardware be sure to see our full line of swing set hardware.

All of these swing hangers are intended for and specifically meant for outdoor use. If you have extra head room in your basement and want to mount a toddler swing for an indoor,rainy day, you can use our lag screw hangers and install them into your joist hangers. We do NOT recommend installing any swing other than a toddler swing indoors and we recommend using a gentle motion, Parental supervision is a must You need to also take the swing down when not in use.