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Playset Multi-Accessory Pack 2

Playset Multi-Accessory Pack 2

  • $ 39.95
  • Save $ 17

This accessory pack features all of our fun accessories! This multi pack features one telescope, one periscope, one telephone, two pair of safety handles, and one steering wheel. Your kids get to enjoy all the popular swing set accessories and you save a bundle with this accessory pack.


This is a fantastic accessory pack for your kids or grand kids.  This set includes:

    • TWO pair of safety handles - These are great for slide entrances, stairs, ladders, and ramps to name a few.  Make sure your child has a safe grip with these handles.  Don't let them fall because their little hands cannot get a firm grip.
    • One Periscope - Periscope actually works!  It has two reflective lenses inside
    • One Steering wheel - your kids can pretend they are at the race or drying around town ( with no tickets!)
    • One Telescope - Telescope has two clear plastic lenses on each end ( does not magnify)
    • One Telephone - kids can talk all they want without the phone bill.
    • Entire accessory kit available in your choice of matching color: Green, Yellow, and Blue

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