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Swing Set Gliders

What's better than a swing for one child? How about swing set gliders for two children! Your kids will love any of these glider swings as they glide back and forth for hours. Available in yellow or green and come with your choice of rope, coated chain, or soft grip chain. Each can be adjusted up or down.

You can purchase the glider support system for $40 more and get FREE shipping on the glider support system. All you have to pay for is shipping on the glider. The bracket makes it very easy to mount and use your glider. Simply add the glider to your cart and check "Yes" under glider support.

These swings are a great way for two kids to swing back and forth. Each is made of durable plastic and come in yellow or green. Our chained swing set glider comes in coated plastisol chain or soft grip rubber encased chain. Kids sit back to back as opposed to face to face. Both are excellent choices for a swing set or playground. All gliders meant for residential, non-commercial use only. Our rope version is an excellent alternative to chained swing set gliders

Do I need the glider bracket?

In short, the answer is no, you do not need the glider bracket for safe operation. If you do not choose the glider bracket, we recommend using the heavy duty ductile hangers to mount the swing.

The bracket produces a different motion for your kids than using just one pair of swing hangers. With the bracket, the glider stays more flat as it goes back and forth. Using the swing hangers produces more of a true swing motion.

Assembly Instructions

If you need help assembling your glider, we have have free assembly instructions