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Swingset Spring Clips

Swingset Spring Clips

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Standard spring clip used in playgrounds, swing sets and playsets. Uses include attaching chains to swing hangers and attaching tire swing chains to tire swivels. One of the most essential pieces of hardware found in backyard swing sets and playsets.

Standard spring clips usually will not work on playgrounds or swing sets, They do not open far enough, especially with the ductile hangers. Our spring clips are specifically designed for swing set parts and feature a wider opening. Don't miss our large selection of swing set hardware to choose from.

These should NOT be used to connect a swing seat to the chain. While they are strong enough, if a child were to depress the clip, the sharp edge can pinch their fingers. You are better off using a S-hook or quick link to connect the seat to the chain.


  • Used to attach swing chain to swing hangers and tire swivels
  • Specifically for swing sets and playgrounds
  • Wider opening than standard spring clips

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