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Tire Swings Hardware Parts

Tire swings are a popular accessory for children's swing sets. We offer both single axis (back and forth) and multi axis (360 degree rotation) versions. They can be stand alone on a swing beam or they can be mounted underneath larger swing set platforms with at least a 5' deck height.

Here at Playset Junction, we have the best tire swing selection. If you have any questions about which parts are right for your kids,don't hesitate to contact us. We even have a tire swing hardware kit for adding your own tire If you are trying to mount one to a tree, we also have instructions on how to build a tire swing for a tree. We have it all right here! Buy online and save.

Which One Do You Choose?

Confused about which designs and swivel to choose? Please visit our guide for a comprehensive look at all of our tires and the attributes of each. The biggest aspect you want to consider is how many kids will be on the tire. Smaller tires are good for 1-2 children while larger ones are good for 2-3 children.

Our heavy duty tires are even made in the USA! Add one to your own backyard swing set or playground today!

Tire Swings for Autistic Kids

If you have a kid with autism, a tire swing can be a great way to calm he or she down. The circular motion has been used to calm down autistic kids when they have an episode.


Rubber tires are made from recycled car and truck tires. They are first power washed and then scrubbed. Holes are drilled din the bottom for drainage. There is a 35 lb maximum specification . Our smaller tires are plastic blow molded tires. Our larger one's are plastic rotationally molded and feature a much thicker side wall for durability.