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Swing Seat Replacement Guide

Looking for a replacement swing seat for your swing set, playset or playground? You have come to the right place. Not only do we have replacement swing seats, we also have all the replacement swings to make your swing set or playground look like new again. We have a half bucket swing seat, a full bucket swing seatbaby/toddler swing seats, and belt swing seats.

The biggest issue with replacing a swing seat is how to get the old swing seat off. Unless you have the right tools, this can be difficult. Most of the time swing seats are attached to the chains with s-hooks. You can sometimes use a large screwdriver or pry bar to get the s-hook open. Other times, you can use a reciprocating saw and a bench vise to simply cut the hook off. For the minimal cost of s-hooks, you are better off to get new parts. You can also use quick links to reattach the swing chains.